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Contractors, Stop Chasing.
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Learn How 2 Principals and 4 Practices Can Build a Sustainable Market of Endless Business

You're smart. No one questions that. But why do you find yourself on the roller coaster ride of work-work-work / beg-chase-scrounge / work-work-work / beg-chase-scrounge? Do you dream of a steady flow of repeat and referred business from a community of folks who respect, like and trust you?

Unfortunately, that community – what we call a market – does not happen on its own. And the person who taught you to swing a hammer or use your other tools didn't teach you how to build a sustainable market.

You know the Internet. That is why you are here. But can the Web help you bring in business better than other online services you have already tried?

I'm Dru Shockley. I'm the least handy person that you'll ever meet. My right hand is five thumbs but my left hand has six. I come from a family contractors, but somehow I missed that gene.

Yet, over the past 6 years, my company, FotV, has worked to perfect Web tools that help contractors stop chasing leads and start building a sustainable market to feed them repeat and referred business for years to come.

I personally invite you to study our plan and, when you are ready, to contact us by phone or by convenient Web form on your right to discuss pricing and any other question you might have.

Principal #1: Proactive vs. Reactive

Proactive vs. Reactive

Disappointed that the people you have worked so hard for only occasionally think of you regarding new projects? They don't call you or they have lost motivation for improvements or even maintenance. And neither do they refer friends and family your way. You and what you do have fallen from their conversation. It is a common frustration among contractors.

But honestly, we cannot blame our customers.

We must take responsibility to train our market. Our market always starts with those closest to us. We have trained these people to think of us only in the extreme situation rather than in the everyday situation. It is not their fault.

However, we can retrain them to do two things: 1) stay in the conversation that we continually sustain, and 2) repeatedly respond to the ideas and readiness that we keep in their mind.

By proactively extending and refreshing our value, we have primed the pump to flow business, instead of reactively responding when people happen to get thirsty.

If you see the wisdom in being proactive with your market, give us a call at 303-783-5760 or complete the handy contact form to the right.

Principal #2: Slight Edge vs. Slam Dunk

Slight Edge vs. Slam Dunk

Society has taught us to search for the slam dunk. Where is that winning lottery ticket to the monster project? Or what about the magic contact who knows every right person?

We must give up on the lottery.

We have all heard the stories of lottery winners squandering their instant wealth. They were not prepared for so much instantly in their lap.

While we would not refuse a winning ticket, we can make regular progress toward success, so as a primed pump of flowing business. Each application of pressure to the pump lever may seem insignificant and a waste of time. But over time, the momentum builds and the water flows.

The secret is to repeatedly do the small things that over time will deliver predictable results.

The secret is so hidden that the successful often have a hard time putting a finger on thing that made all the difference. Know that it was the slight, seemingly insignificant, choices that added up to make all the difference in the world.

If you think we're on to something, give us a call or complete the handy contact form to the right.

Practice #1: Be "the Guy"

Be "the Guy", the Trusted Resource

You've always known it. You're confident in what you do. You take pride in your excellence of service.

Your market needs you. This growing community needs to know not only what you do and how well you do it, but why they should trust you. They need someone to turn to with your expertise and personal skill.

Being humble, we can be reluctant to blow our own horns. But we must, so our value is known and can be sought.

At the same time, people will run from a blaring horn. With some care we can mute our message so it is music to our needy market's ears.

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Practice #2: Stay Within Reach

Stay Within Reach

It is not enough to wait for the market to wander back by to you. Life offers too many distractions and diversions. Again and again we must reach out and remind our market that we are only a call or click away from being on the scene with our unique skills.

While gifted, generous people, as we can be, must guard themselves from giving too much away for free, in the information age, we can leverage our knowledge and built insight to  not only establish credibility but create opportunity after opportunity for engagement.

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Practice #3: Maintain the Conversation

Maintain the Conversation

Engaging conversation is what keeps you in the forefront of your market's mind. The first part is thoughtful initiation, followed by opportunity for a two-way conversation. Blogs are a wonderful tool for both introducing ideas and for inviting direct responses. Emails and post on social media platform, such as Facebook and Twitter, are excellent ways to draw people into the conversation.

Once started, it is important to correspond with those interacting with you. This shows  the respondent and all other readers that you are willing and eager to respond in turn and keep the conversation alive.

Blog posts do not need to be long. Shorter posts are actually better – shows that you are more interested in discussion than showing off. But consistency, regularly adding to the blog, is key. Participation is the name of the game on the Web. Participants in your conversation are more likely to send you repeat and referred business.

(As a bonus, search engines, such as Google, love blogs because blogs have fresh content. Translated: more links to your site and more prospective customers visiting.)

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Practice #4: Be Ready for Engagement

Be Ready for Engagement

One of the biggest marketing crimes on the Internet is that far too many Web sites do not invite the visitor to engage – to move a little closer to a relationship where business could happen. Far too many "brochure sites." Check your competition.

Be ready at every turn to engage with the visitor. Give them every opportunity to step closer to you by taking some kind of simple action.

Why be on the Internet if you're not providing these opportunities and ready to respond building the relationships that lead to a steady flow of business.

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